4. Find inspiration and get motivated

Conferences are great ways to get inspired. Seriously, these events are designed to make you feel like you can take on the world by the time you leave. Armed with the knowledge you gain from the sessions and speakers there, you’ll want to get started making plans to grow your business immediately. If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut, attending a conference can be the best thing for your ego. However, this feeling of inspiration can fade quickly once you get back home and back into daily life. To keep your enthusiasm going, you can:

    • Begin mapping out your strategy while you’re at the conference so that by the time you get home, you have a solid plan.
    • Collaborate with others at the conference on new ideas you can implement once you get home. You’re among some of the best and brightest in the industry. Use that to your advantage. Now’s the time to create new partnerships.
    • To keep your motivation going weeks after you get back, make it a goal to present your new strategy and the success from it on your social media channels.

5. Conferences help you stay ahead of current trends

Remember when we mentioned networking with industry experts and peers? These are the same folks who will be leading the sessions you’ll be attending. One of the main reasons people go to conferences is to find out what’s new in the industry, and you’ll get that info from these thought leaders. Attending conferences is a great way to get the most up-to-date info on what’s going on in the direct selling industry so you can stay ahead of your competition. But what do you do with this info once you’ve got it? You can:

    • Ask the presenter for tips on how to implement a strategy based on the current trends they talk about. How are they using this info in their own business plans?
    • Research these latest trends online to get more insight so you can better strategize.
    • Set aside time at the conference to brainstorm ideas with your team.

Have we convinced you yet? Attending conferences may not seem like a productive way to spend your time. But you could be doing yourself more harm than good by not attending. The next time you have the opportunity to attend a conference, think about what you could be missing out on and how it might affect your business.

Need a list of all of the direct sales conferences out there for the remainder of 2019? Here’s a comprehensive resource.

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