Use the Buddy System

Marketing yourself can seem like an expensive and overwhelming task for one person. So why not buddy up with a complimentary business so you can share the responsibilities? Here’s how it works; if you’re selling dietary meal plans, find someone who is selling exercise equipment or routines. Or, if you’re selling clothing and accessories, find a business that’s promoting beauty products to partner with. You can cross-promote each other’s products on social media, include links to coupons, and offer combo deals. You can also offer a commission to any business that refers a customer that in turn, makes a purchase from you. In this instance, you won’t waste money on advertising that fails to yield results and you’ll be exposed to a new customer base. And lastly, you can co-sponsor events with your business buddies and advertise through a group effort, sharing the expenses and reaching a wider audience.

Pay to Play

When it comes to advertising your business on social media these days, it usually takes a lot more than just writing a few posts a week to get the exposure you need to reach your audience. This is what we call in the marketing world, organic reach. Though organic reach used to work much more effectively in the early days of social media, it’s not enough for companies serious about reaching new and current customers. Now, like a lot of other advertising, you’ve got to pay to reach your target audience. You don’t have to rely solely on the pay-to-play way of social media advertising. You can combine organic and paid advertising on social media to increase your visibility, brand awareness and qualified leads while targeting specific demographics. To answer the question that’s inevitably on your mind, the cost of paid social media advertising varies, and it just depends on how much you’re willing to spend. For a more in-depth look at the costs of advertising on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms, read this post by StrikeSocial, which lays out the plans available for each social network.

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