Use handwritten notes to promote your business

How’s your email inbox? Is it overwhelming? Do you get lost in the clutter of newsletters you’ve subscribed to, promotions from your favorite brands, spam, work emails, and personal notes from friends and family? According to New York Times bestselling author and digital marketing leader Neil Patel, the average American worker gets more than 120 emails every day. That’s not including your personal email. The point is, even if your email inbox isn’t cluttered, your potential customers’ inboxes are. But that’s not to say your physical mailboxes aren’t a mess, either.

Most likely your letter carrier isn’t carrying letters but lots of junk mail and bills. When was the last time you received a handwritten note in the mail? These days, it seems like fewer folks take the time to sit down and handwrite a letter. That’s where you can distinguish yourself from other businesses. Yes, handwriting a thoughtful note on some lovely stationery, introducing yourself and including info on your business will take time. But your potential customers will appreciate the thought behind it, and they’ll remember you when it’s time to buy. Don’t have time to write? There are a few apps available that can help you with the process. Just type your message and services such as LetterFriend and Handwrytten will handwrite your notes on stationery you pick out. Best of all, these services offer options for personal and business use.

Advertise on digital radio

While radio advertising is a pretty costly endeavor, a cheaper and more updated take on this marketing method is digital radio advertising. With services such as Spotify and Pandora and the increasingly popular podcast format, you can advertise at a much cheaper rate and to an ever-growing audience. Digital—or as some refer to it, streaming radio—also includes the rapidly-expanding podcast industry. More than three-quarters of American internet users will listen to digital radio at least once a month in 2019. That’s a whole lot of ears listening while cleaning at home or the office.

Creating a digital radio ad requires creative copywriting skills. So if writing isn’t your strong suit, consider hiring a local copywriter to write your ad copy. Think about your audience and make sure your copy is conversational and engaging. Also, it’s essential to get straight-to-the-point and to include a call-to-action. You don’t have a lot of time, so you want to get your listeners’ attention immediately, and then instruct them to do something, like go to your website or check out your social media channels. For more on writing compelling ad copy, Pandora has an article for writing digital ads.

If you need guidance on how to implement digital radio ads, AudioGO is a useful resource and offers a variety of plans to suit any budget. Spotify Ad Studio and Pandora Ad Solutions are other resources you could use for digital radio ads.

No matter which tip you go with, you’ll discover that sometimes it’s easier to make your presence known when you go back to basics. Online marketing has its place, but to make more meaningful connections, sometimes you create more of an impact when you engage someone face-to-face, or give them something tangible that they can use.

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