Generation X’s youngest member is 40, and the oldest member is 55 in 2020

Gen Xers are referred to as “America’s neglected middle child” and are often overlooked by most brands. Interestingly they have a ton of purchasing power and the income to support it. Email is their preferred form of communicating and they check their emails regularly. Because they are busy juggling careers and family, you need to keep your copy short and with a clear call to action. Make your emails visual, include video, and use personalization and segmentation as much as possible. 

Gen X are loyal to the brands they trust. Because of this, an effective email tactic is to recognize and incentivize loyalty, with VIP or rewards programs, freebies, and coupons.

Baby Boomers youngest member is 56, and the oldest member is 74 in 2020

There are an estimated 73 million baby boomers in the US, and more than half prefer shopping on-line than in stores. So, how do you reach them? In short, Boomers love Facebook. There is a case for using Facebook ads to get your content in front of Boomers. Facebook ads allow you to target an audience by demographics, including age. These ads are also relatively cheap compared to advertising on other social channels. Here is an excellent primer for creating a Facebook ad. When creating your content, whether it be organic or sponsored, there are a few things to keep in mind. Avoid abbreviations, slang terms, and pop culture references. The best time for organic posts is Tuesday through Thursday, 8 am-3 pm, with the worst time to post being Sunday.

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