3. Follow up

Few folks can make a sale on their first try with a new contact. Following up with them is vital. But before you do that, you need to:

  • Learn from your mistakes – Remember when we said to record your phone conversations? This is where you analyze where you went wrong and what you got right during the call. Take what you’ve learned and revise your script.
  • Don’t harass – You need to be assertive to make sales but you don’t want to appear too pushy to the point of harassment. Assuming you didn’t get an answer the first time, call your prospect back once or twice more in the same week and if you don’t reach them, wait two to three weeks and try again.
  • Use the phone and email together – Some people are more comfortable responding to emails rather than phone calls. In this case, you can follow up your initial call with an email. Make sure you reference your last interaction with them (if there was one) and ask specific questions addressing it, like “When we last talked, you mentioned having dry skin. Have you found anything that is helping?” Then ask them if they want to try a sample of your product.

Picking up the phone and calling a stranger can be intimidating. The over-the-phone sales pitch is definitely an art that takes practice to master. But with a little determination, you’ll get the hang of it. If nothing else, just imagine you’re on the phone with an old friend.

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