Publish content around this year’s trending gifts

Every year, certain products seem to trend more than others during the holiday season. If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find plenty of listicle articles on the hottest gift trends. Amazon is another excellent place to see what kinds of gifts are trending this year. Take note of what these products are and how they relate to the items you sell. Are there specific themes that stand out that you could create and publish content around? Is there a popular makeup brand that’s hot right now? If so, do you sell a similar makeup product that could compete? If so, publish content comparing your product to what’s trending and why people should buy yours instead. Make sure to use similar keywords to your competitors. 

Is there a popular handbag trending? What do you sell that would compliment it? Use the leverage other brands have as they tout their popular gift ideas to promote your products. 

Use other channels to cross-promote your holiday content

Besides Google, social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are becoming places where more and more consumers are getting holiday gift ideas, which means you should make them part of your overall search strategy. Use email, targeted advertising, PR, and other channels as well to drive people to your holiday content. This content should have links to shopping guides, infographics, and other holiday-related materials that help attract links from media sites and blogs. And of course, quality backlinks are a significant factor in how and where Google decides to rank your pages. 

Target customers who shop for themselves in January

The holiday shopping season may be over in December, but that doesn’t mean folks stop buying in January. It turns out January isn’t necessarily a time when consumer spending slows down. With people spending gift cards, returning gifts, and just spending on themselves, the first two weeks of January is a great time to develop fresh content directed at this population. Remember, this is a time when consumer behavior is different, so make sure your content reflects that change with appropriate keywords and topics that address gift card shoppers, those who are shopping for themselves, and even procrastinating consumers looking for great sales. 

Boost your holiday sales with paid search

If you’ve been procrastinating on creating and publishing your holiday shopping content, then you won’t have much time to allow Google to find and evaluate it for high rankings. That’s when paid search comes in handy. Paid search is when search engines like Google and Bing allow you to show ads on their search result pages. It brings awareness to your brand, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. A good strategy would be to do paid search paired with organic searches using keywords to get the best results. 

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