4. Incentivize your team.

If you’ve got a team under you, or your part of a team reporting to a sponsor, your familiar with the up-line and the downline. The importance of maintaining and growing your sales depends on how well you work together as a team. This requires trust and good leadership. Everyone needs to be working equally hard. During the summer, this may prove challenging. A great way to make sure everyone is doing their part is to offer incentives to your team. Announce a month-long contest to see who can sell the most products by offering a free gift basket filled with company products or a spa gift certificate to the winner.

5. Grow your team.

Because teachers are typically out of work for the summer, many of them are on the hunt for extra income during this time of year. If you’re looking to grow your team, teachers and others who are seasonally unemployed can be great employees. Use social media to recruit them, or the next time your at a social gathering. Who knows? They may enjoy it so much they’ll want to stay on your team year-round.

6. Prepare for the fall now.

If your business is experiencing a slow period, now’s the time to plan for a fall comeback like no other. You can work on your business strategy for the upcoming cooler months by setting goals, ordering more stock and catalogs, planning your blog and social media calendar, and booking fall events and fairs. While you’re planning, you can always be proactive by leaving samples, business cards, flyers and catalogs during your travels and get-togethers this summer.

7. Stay ahead of the industry.

To really stay ahead of the game, educate yourself, not just on ways to market your personal business, but on where the direct sales industry is going. Read news articles by and about thought leaders predicting upcoming trends in the business, participate in training opportunities, and surround yourself with positive influences and motivated leaders and peers within the industry.

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