Hashtags matter 

In 2020 hashtags are even more relevant to social media marketing than ever before. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin continually make changes to the way users see posts. These changes have to do with the algorithms or formulas these companies use to determine which posts will be most relevant to each user. Because of the way these social media companies set up their algorithms currently, organic reach is on the decline.

Hashtags, however, can get your content seen more often. 

Some hashtag tips 

As an entrepreneur or direct sales consultant, you can create a whole digital marketing campaign off of a perfectly executed hashtag. Here are some tips on creating one: 

  • Don’t use spaces – If you want to use a phrase, don’t separate the words, or else the social media platform will only pick up the individual words and not the whole phrase. #doitlikethis  
  • Don’t make the phrase too long, or else it’ll be more challenging to find and replicate for other users who want to spread the word. 
  • Use hashtags as #partofyoursentence. Using them within your sentence helps the post flow better. The exception is Instagram, where it is more common to list hashtags at the end of a post.
  • Research your hashtag before you implement it in your marketing strategy to make sure it’s not affiliated with someone else’s campaign or, even worse, a controversial topic. 
  • Don’t overuse hashtags. Each social channel has different standards. For Twitter and Facebook, no more than 2-3 per post. On Instagram, hashtags are heavily used, and you can use between 10-12. On Linkedin, no more than three are recommended.

If you need help creating your hashtags, there are some great free tools online, like Hashtagify.me, which can help you find the most popular hashtags in your industry. 

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