Do Email Marketing Though the days of door-to-door sales are gone, there is another way to go door-to-door, if you will, and that’s online. Email marketing is a way to gain more reach to customers by sending them your sales pitch via email. Keep your pitches short, limiting your message to a few sentences, encouraging your customers to contact you by phone. The goal here isn’t to sell your goods by email but to begin the process of starting a relationship and building trust with your customers.

Build a Relationship Speaking of building trust, another great way to convert shoppers into customers is to build a relationship with them. This takes time. But when a customer trusts you, they’ll trust the product you’re selling. And the better relationship you have, the more repeat purchases the customer will make.

Get Referrals This is by far the best way to convert potential customers into sales. When existing customers spread a good word to their friends, peers, and family about you and your product, it’s always a great thing. But don’t wait for them to do it. Be proactive and ask them to send referrals your way. You can do this as you make a sale or spend a few hours weekly sending emails or calling current customers. You can even offer a small discount to incentivize them.

Use Social Media If you’re not engaging with your audience on social media, you need to be. It’s a great way to advertise your business, run promotions and grow your customer base. Social media is also useful to get reviews of your products and services and handle customer complaints.

Give Free Samples You may already be doing this but it’s worth repeating. Giving out free samples to your customers so they can try it before buying it is one of the best ways to turn shoppers into buyers. It also helps create buzz around you and your product with word-of-mouth referrals. These are a few of the ways you can increase your customer base. NFICA offers 50% off of business communication tools like SOS-LeadKlozer that help keep an open line with you and your leads and customers.

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