Where To Begin With the Curated Model

  1. Keep it simple. Do a customer survey by asking direct questions. “Would you be interested in receiving new products in a subscription box?” “What would be your price point for this service?” “What are your expectations?” Look at any themes that come through from your survey and take an educated guess on where to begin. 
  2. Start small. Create a group of beta test users and offer them a prototype box free or at a steeply reduced cost in exchange for their honest feedback. Have them answer questions about the presentation of the box, the quality of the products, what they liked, what they disliked, and so on. Make changes based on the feedback you receive before doing a full implementation. Use any positive feedback in your marketing.
  3. According to the Subscription Trade Association, customers should pay less for items in the subscription box then they’d otherwise pay. If boxes are $50 a month, they should be getting $100 in value.
  4. Your items in the box should be exclusive to subscribers – at least for a while. This can be difficult. One option is to have a seasonal box when your company releases new products. Make these items available only to box recipients for the first month or two if you have a high volume of subscribers and can afford to do this.
  5. Consider the cost of your packaging. Remember, the presentation needs to be unique. If you usually ship your products in padded envelopes or small boxes, you need to determine how much the cost of new packaging will offset your revenue.
  6. Exchanges vs. Returns. To cut back on full returns, agree to exchange a product in the box with a new one.

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