Think about your customers

As you’re planning your direct sales strategy, you’re no doubt thinking about the people you’ll first approach to buy your products. These people are most likely friends and family, maybe even coworkers. Be realistic in what they will potentially buy from you. You should know about their hobbies and interests, financial status, and age.

For example, If you plan on selling online only, do teenagers have access to payment options like credit cards, Paypal, and electronic wallets? Are the seniors you’re selling to computer savvy, or more prone to purchase from you in person? If you’re selling to a population that doesn’t have a lot of expendable income, are you selling a product they need?

Know the costs.

When you agree to sell products, for many direct sales companies, there often comes the cost for a starter kit that includes company information, training materials, and product samples. Usually, this cost doesn’t exceed $100 or so. If you’re looking at a company that asks you to pay hundreds of dollars or bulk amounts of product upfront, be cautious. This is where your company research we mentioned earlier comes into play.

Also, what happens with leftover product that you’re not able to sell? Are you able to return it to the company? Are you required to pay for whatever you don’t sell? Make sure you read the fine print when it comes to what you’re required to do with any leftover stock.

Additionally, watch out for those service fees. Not all direct sales companies charge them, but there are some out there that require you to pay monthly fees. Make sure you’re realistic in your ability to pay them. If you feel so inclined, inquire as to what these fees go toward. A monthly cost of $25 or $50 can add up quickly.

The direct sales industry offers a lot of opportunities to meet new people, learn new skills, and earn additional income. Just make sure you’ve done your research, and you’re realistic in your goals before committing to a company.

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