It’s All About the Customer Experience

But content marketing isn’t just about educational info. It’s about fun and entertaining content as well. Think about your favorite brands, whether it’s clothing, jewelry, cell phone or other electronics, hotels, and even grocery stores. What is it about these companies that make them your favorite brands, besides the products they sell? Is it their advertising? Is it the company’s blog content? Or does it offer great recipes and meal planning ideas? Or do you like its YouTube channel?

Content marketing is about the experience you provide your audience. Just because you’re not a big company doesn’t mean you can’t put to use some of the same tactics they do. Give your customers more than just a good product. Give them a great experience that’ll keep them coming back, and use social media to promote it. Whether you’re blogging, doing video, or podcasting, spread the word about the info you want to share, about how you and your products will make your audience’s lives better in some way. Email newsletters are also a great way to do this.

Yes, this can be daunting. That’s why in our next post, we’ll provide a step-by-step process of how to create your own content marketing strategy.

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